Stone Veneer Retaining Walls

Walls Can Be Beautiful!

Have a wall that needs a touch of design?  Rochester Patio is known for its outdoor living spaces, and we believe that your exterior walls and retaining walls are no exception.

Customize Your Wall

You can count on us to create a custom look for your home. With our large selection of stone veneer on retaining walls, we’re sure to have the perfect match for your home.

Our expert technicians will work with you to decide which style and color of stone veneer will best fit your home. Moreover, we’ll install it properly so that it looks beautiful and lasts a long time.

With stone veneer from Rochester Patio, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without having to deal with the expense of using full stones in your retaining wall construction.


We can work with any budget and help you create Stone Veneer on Retaining Walls that fits your vision!