Stone Veneer Installation

Durable And Versatile Wall Covering Option

Thin stone veneer is the modern choice for your home’s exterior. Made of real stone, our thin stone veneer is durable and versatile enough to apply over brick and even concrete. At Rochester Patios, we provide expert installation of thin stone veneer, including a warranty on all our workmanship. Moreover, the Thin Stone Veneer installation cost will not damage your budget.

Our process is straightforward. We’ll take the measurements of your home’s exterior and create a plan for where to put each piece of thin stone veneer so that it looks like a natural extension of your home. We will then remove all existing brick or other materials and prepare the surface to apply the new thin stone veneer. Finally, to make it look seamless and natural, we will touch up any joints or seams.


Thin stone veneer installation costs depend on the size of your home, and what type of material you want us to install it over top of. For example, installing thin stone over an existing brick wall will be more expensive than installing it over concrete.

Thin Stone Veneer Installation

Thin stone veneer is the best way to add that luxurious, high-end look to your home without costing a fortune. At our Rochester, NY location, we offer expertly-installed thin stone veneer that will turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood.

Stone veneer is an incredibly durable, long-lasting product that enhances your home’s curb appeal for years and years. The stone material adds a sense of texture and dimension that you can’t achieve with brick or paint. Your neighbors will be in awe of how much character your home has!

Thin Stone Veneer Installation Will Save You Money!

Natural stone veneers serve as architectural accents. It’s also relatively inexpensive in comparison to thicker, full-sized stones.

Manufacturers and quarries can make stone veneers, but they are always manufactured with a thickness of 1 inch or less and made from either full-size stone or broken pieces or bits of stone. Some manufacturers will use concrete as the base for their stone veneer. Using a thin layer of stone veneer lets you get the look you want without the high cost or weight of the full stone.

Here at Rochester Patio, we specialize in masonry work, including installing thin stone veneers on your home’s façade. You can complete the process quickly and add value to your home while making it more beautiful! To get the most accurate estimate possible, please contact us today for a free consultation.