Stamped Concrete Colors

Popular color options tend to be grays and earth tones which reflect the natural color and texture of outdoor elements. Brick patterns are colored in red or russet hues but certainly are not limited to those colors.

On this page, you’ll see there is a large variety of color options, but we are not limited to what you see here. We use several suppliers, so if there’s a color option you’re not finding, just let us know!

How It Works

The color of stamped concrete is achieved by using a colored powder or liquid pigment that is added to the concrete mix. The color is then applied to the surface of the wet concrete using a stamping mat. Stamped concrete colors can be combined to create unique patterns and designs. For example, a common design is to use two colors that contrast each other, such as tan and gray. This creates a realistic stone look.

Multicolor Options

Colors can be mixed, layered, or even antiqued with stains or tints to create virtually endless possibilities. Multiple colors can also be used within the same project for realistic stone coloration, borders, or a contrasting color pattern.

(Colors provided by Davis Color)